Texans Have Perfect “Welcome Surprise” For Donald and Melania Trump – You`ll Love It

Following the devastating Hurricane Harvey which recently hit Houston, Texas, the nation has risen on its feet, with people from every state pouring down in aide of Texans, volunteering and offering their help to rescue the people trapped in the floods and rooftops.

Immediately after the catastrophe took place, President Donald Trump issued a statement in which he promised to visit Texas to review the situation and call for the right move, and now, it seems that he has kept his promise, boarding a flight this Tuesday and coming down to the first stop on his list, Corpus Christi, accompanied by his wife, First Lady Melania Trump.

The two arrived in Texas in the afternoon, and were welcomed by seemingly large crowds of Texans with arms wide open for the first family and the help they brought with them. Liberals on the other hand, tried to twist the situation as usual, first accusing the POTUS for not coming down to Texas to help, saying he doesn’t care, but urging him to go home after he landed in Texas, once again showing that no matter what Trump and his adimnistration do, the liberals will always find a way to go against him.

But despite their mocking comments, unlike former President Barack and his wife, Michelle Obama, who took 3 months to make a move, Donald and Melania have immediately declared a state of emergency and started making plans to visit Texas and help the people in need.

h/t Usa News Flash

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