President Trump Broke The Largest Crime Ring In The US

President Trump is in the process of busting up the biggest crime ring in the United States, and he is WINNING doing it, to the ire of the liberals.

Online media outlet Mr. Conservative reports, below, how this crime ring works, who’s in it, and how President Trump is breaking it up.

Liberals have been trying to make Donald Trump look like a racist, closed-minded person for cracking down on deporting illegal aliens. However, it was just revealed that Trump’s actions have actually just rid the U.S. of a massive crime ring.

When Trump was inaugurated last month, there was reportedly a massive crime ring with millions of members spread all over the globe all engaged in major fraud against the U.S., with their goal being to steal as many of our tax dollars as they can. The ring involves immigrants from all over the world communicating with each other over informal networks that are somehow also linked together. Through these networks, they discuss things that await them in America like free money from welfare, free education and free health care.

Once in the U.S., the illegal aliens get on welfare and immediately start gaming the system, making so much money that they can send a large portion of it back home. In some cases, they are supporting hundreds of people back in their home villages with U.S. tax dollars.

Illegal immigrants have formed networks to trade food stamps, fake social security numbers and other documents. The Democrats know this is happening, yet they let it slide because they know these illegal aliens will vote for them in election.

Now, however, Trump is putting a stop to this by issuing executive orders that bust up these crime rings and send these illegal aliens back to their home nations. SHARE this story if you think these illegal immigrant criminals DESERVE to be deported!

Source> Donald Trump POTUS 45

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  1. This doesnot surprise me at all. I have been watching these people for a long time now getting all this free stuff from government knowing they were illegals and working good jobs at the same time. Declaring more kids than they actually had to get more and they got it too. I was taking care of a sick husband, raising my child and working a full time job at the same time. I never asked for nor received a dime from the government. I took care of everything myself and if we could not pay something, I got a part time job also.

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