BREAKING!!! Big Change Is Coming To The NFL – Look Budweiser Just Said They Will Do!!

Budweiser sends message to NFL

 Following the escalated tensions surround the NFL after President Donald Trump’s harsh take on the protesting players whose disrespect of the national anthem and American values have sparked an outrage among conservatives, the league’s biggest sponsor, Budweiser, has come forward, and the leftists who support these protests won’t like what the statement released earlier has to say.

Budweiser is the NFL’s biggest sponsor, and it has recently responded to Mike Flynn Jr’s concern about players which disrespected the national anthem by kneeling and hiding in locker rooms.

According to the statement they released, Budweiser owners believe that the National Anthem is a point of pride for the company, and they will have a talk with the NFL for their disrespectful actions that have recently taken the headlines.

The statement also said that the company had a long history of supporting the armed forces, veterans and military dependants, which reveals why they would be outraged by such actions of the league, that goes directly against everything the company stands for.

More and more people have started waking up to the senseless disrespectful protests, ultimately resulting in outraged people burning season tickets, emptying stadiums and avoid watching the games on TV, resulting in ratings lower than ever before. And since chances are the liberal media will avoid coverage of this statement, it is up to us to spread the word of the truth and how people and major companies feel about he whole matter.


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