What Meryl Streep Said About Trump Supporters Just Ruined Her Career

Hillary Clinton supporter Meryl Streep was shocked to hear that Clint Eastwood prefers Donald Trump. She just had to step in.

“I’ll have to speak to him,” Steep told Variety in an interview. “I’ll have to correct that! I’m shocked. I really am. Because he’s more — I would have thought he would be more sensitive than that.”

Streep was responding to what Eastwood said – except way more lame.

*** Look how she insults us. Send her over the wall, y’all!

She says that we act different in larger groups.

“When you get a lot of people in a group, it can go good or it can go bad in a way that [overrides] each individual person,” the 67-year-old star told the outlet. “The aggregate of everybody’s emotion, it’s such a powerful thing. You can see it in the Trump rallies, where people I just know, in their living rooms, would be better people, are driven to the worst possibilities by the bloodlust in a crowd. It just gets ginned up and they’re outside of themselves. They’re behaving as a larger unit, not just themselves.”

Let’s send Streep a message right now. Let’s boycott her. Share this everywhere! She will not have a career after this. (h/t Breitbart)

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