Trump supporters hold “Mother Of All Rallies” for peace and unity

It is known for a fact that ever since Donald Trump took over office, the ranting liberal media has been on a mission to undermine him and paint an image of his supporters as hateful and ignorant bigots, but what happened recently only showed that the information the mainstream media has been spreading couldn’t be further from the truth.In fact, it is quite the opposite, and that has been proven today, when thousands upon thousands of Trump supporters have rallied at the national mall, not to protest or spread hate like liberal groups, but for political peace and unity in what was referred to as the “Mother of All Rallies.”

And instead of there only being “white supremacists” as the liberals may try to convince people, there were people of all races, creeds and backgrounds which all worked on maintaining peace and having a great time together.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about the whole situation is that the media won’t do any coverage of the peaceful rally, as it will jeopardize their previous efforts to ‘demonize’ all the Trump supporters and actually reveal that they are just people, who realize the great work and efforts the Trump administration has put in making our nation better, as well as people that haven’t fallen for the lies of the liberals.

Since they won’t do any coverage of the rally, it is up to spread the word and awake even more people from the liberal lie!

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