Rand Paul Stands With Trump – Releases Stunning 2020 Announcement That Will Make You Cheer!

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said come out with a surprising statement, and Americans across the country cheer to his comments. We believe that Democrats didn’t see this coming, but let’s just face the truth. People like President Trump, and we all hope that he will get another term.

Paul said he couldn’t even imagine standing by another candidate. He is 100% with President Trump in the upcoming 2020 presidential elections. However, he took a moment to think about the question about Republicans and their challenge for President Trump in the primaries.

“I think no one can stop primaries from happening, and there could well be a primary that happens. Before you get to that, you need to know, is President Trump running for re-election. At this point, I can’t see myself supporting anyone but President Trump because I think he’s given us the most conservative cabinet we’ve seen since Reagan,” Paul said.

Paul Rand went on talking about the regulations under his leadership, saying that he gave them an excellent Supreme Court justice. He really hopes to see more great things coming this way.

You may think twice before interpreting the comments Paul Rand made, but one thing stands for sure, he supports President Trump and doesn’t even think that a primary challenge to the President is a good idea for Republicans.

This is a major plot twist, and we can already see the further development of events. Rand Paul said a few interesting things, and we really believe that President Trump will get even more supporters as time goes by. People recognize his potential, and there’s no room for doubts or anything else. President Trump is the right person to lead the country.

What do you think about this? Do you agree with Rand Paul and the comments he made?

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