NFL Player Says He`ll Quit If Forced To Stand For The Anthem & Look Who It Is!

Famous player for the Tennessee Titans Richard Matthews, went on Twitter this Thursday, revealing that he will quit the National Football League if ever implements a rule forcing players to stand during the playing of the national anthem during the start of the games.

“No I will be done playing football,” said Matthews, before he later deleted the tweet, when asked if he would be willing to face a fine punishment for not standing if a new rule is implemented.

But this tweet doesn’t make sense in a bigger picture. With his tweet, Matthews is pushing himself back into a corner. If a new rule is passed and the Titans call his bluff, he will have nothing to do. He is just going to be left out of the team and ultimately out of a job which overpays them with millions simply because he isn’t willing to stand for the national anthem.

And when it comes to business, that is not a smart move. Now, the fiery reactions coming from the conservative NFL fans as well as Republicans, including President Donald Trump and his administration, wouldn’t have come so harsh towards the league if Matthews simply decided to write that he is overly upset with the whole issue.

Matthew’s remarks come not long after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that he will attempt to make a change in the rules of the league to force players to stand during the anthem.

And while an official reaction from the White House hasn’t been released following the Twitter remarks of the NFL player, one is expected to be released soon enough.

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