Breaking!!! Look What Was Announced Moments Ago – This Will Get Trump Re-Elected

Trump retweets a new record

 One of the main campaign promises of President Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential elections was economic growth, market success and making America great again by making it easier for businesses to bloom and grow, and it seems that just several months into his administration’s work in office, most of the promises are coming true at a record rate. We’ve recently seen the prototype construction for the border wall, we’ve had plenty of examples to see ICE crack down on illegal immigration, and we’ve seen crime rates go down as well.

And despite the constant pressure and backlash from leftist officials who will go to great lengths to stand in his way, we’ve seen the commander-in-chief thrive with his work, and results, and the most recent proof of his record efforts was a recent graph posted on Twitter by Fox News:

But the interesting thing about this whole situation regarding the markets success and the post itself was the fact that the president himself retweeted it on his official Twitter account, only to share the word of his success and the proof of his endless effort, showing that he accomplished more in just a few months than what Obama couldn’t in his eight years in office.

Since chances are low that the mainstream media will spread the word about this new success regarding the markets, it is up to us to spread the word and show him our support!

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