Kathy Griffin is Back! What She Did During Her First Official Return Is Disgusting!

It seems that several months was all failed comedian Kathy Griffin needed to get back on her feet and pick up right where she left off, rocking a mask of President Donald Trump onstage, however this time, the mask was not bloody.

This was Griffin’s first stand-up gig since the infamous photo shoot with the severed bloody prop head of President Donald Trump which earned her national backlash and was a major setback for her, almost ending her career. Sometime later, she once again made national headlines when she took a knee and raised her fist during an AIDS fundraiser Sunday night at L.A.’s Orpheum Theater.

But this time Kathy seemed to keep her distance away from topics involving President Trump as well as his politics, administration and the rest of the things revolving around him, with Kathy talking a bit about the fallout from the Tyler Shields photo shoots, later directing the topic and wrath at Harvey Weinstein.

Surprisingly, just like the vast majority of leftist which at first supported Weinstein but later turned against him following the allegations of sexual harassment, Griffin also followed the same route, publicly criticizing him and calling him a “rapist,” adding how “they’re everywhere,” in Hollywood.

It seems that the comedian has finally learned something, but it wasn’t enough apparently since she still can’t get over the Trump family.

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