CNN’s Don Lemon: Trump ‘Jealous’ Of Obama

Don Lemon from CNN has come forward with a stunning allegation claiming that President Donald Trump was “jealous” of former President Barack Obama, because apparently he wasn’t as intelligent and classy as him.

Now it is no secret that Lemon doesn’t stand well with the commander-in-chief or his administration, and it is not the first time that they have directly and indirectly criticized him for his past actions, but this time, his words were loud, clear and direct.

More specifically, lemon said, “You cannot buy, no matter how much money you have, billions of dollars–you can’t buy class. President Obama, whatever you think of his politics, is a very classy man,” adding that he was a “smart man. He’s one of the kindest people you ever want to meet, he and his wife are.”

But then he went on to put his defenses up saying he wasn’t talking about politics, explaining, “Having met them and knowing them–you can’t teach that. That’s something you cannot teach, and I think that’s something the President is jealous about. He doesn’t have those qualities, even with all the money in the world…”

Lemon made his remarks during a segment with a chyron which was titled, “President Trump’s Obsession With Obama’s Legacy.” The entire thing was clearly a nod at the president and the GOP’s efforts to repeal and replace ObamaCare, and has without a doubt stemmed from the rumors released by leftist that the commander-in-chief is obsessed with bringing down everything that has the name ‘Obama’ on it.

Here’s how Twitter responded to Don Lemon’s comments:

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