Tom Brady greets military members before Sunday Night Football

NFL players protesting by taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem, and thus showing disrespect to American values, haven’t been around for more than a year, and it seems that while some still push towards the protests and don’t plan on stopping, others such as quarterback Tom Brady, who are trying to make a difference by doing the exact opposite.

NFL Quarterback Tom Brady made headlines recently when he made a move which earned him the respect and cheer among conservative supporters. To be more specific, Brady took a moment during his team’s warm-up session, and went to give high-fives and greet over 200 military members which attended the Patriots’ game.

This comes as a huge contrast to the recent months filled with protests, which according to many, doesn’t have as a goal to protest racial inequality or other social issues in the U.S., but instead, to show defiance to President Donald Trump, his administration, and his leadership style.

However, many protesting players have started to change their minds over their disrespectful actions, as millions of people have risen in an outrage, protesting the league and its games by burning out seasonal tickets, leaving stadiums during games nearly empty, and making sure to tune out from the TV game broadcasts, contributing to an overall ratings landslide.

But when it comes to Brady, he has now set an example that every protesting player should follow, and for that, he deserves the respects of patriots, so let’s spread the word and show him our support!


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