New Much Bigger Scandal Rocks NFL, Media Silent


NFL players kneeling during the anthem is really getting old. American patriots and veterans have watched in confusion and disgust as the spoiled millionaire athletes remain sitting or kneel during a time of respect. Now the Federalist Papers is reporting that the roots of the protest go much deeper than many Americans know. According to the Capital Research Center, the NFL Players Association gives large amounts of money to various left-wing organizations including the so-called “Resistance” against President Donald Trump.

The money is given out as supposed “charity,” but it actually supports the radical leftist agenda in this country. The NFLPA’s millions to groups such as Center for Community Change (CCC), an organization that supports illegal immigration, and Working America, a leftist workers group that supports “class consciousness” (i.e. Marxism). In 2016 the CCC spent $3 million supporting the ultra-corrupt Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Working America donated $4 million to Clinton and fielded a number of campaign workers who reached over 2.5 million doors on Clinton’s behalf.

Now that Clinton lost brutally has the NFLPA slowed down? not at all. The majority of their funding is now going to creepy places like George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. The connections are obvious. The executive director of CCC sits on Open Society Foundation’s board! Furthermore, Working America has agitated protests against Trump’s tax plan and CCC participated in national protests ahead of Trump’s inauguration. Now CCC is busy getting voters ready to support Democrats in 2018 midterms and the 2020 presidential election.

Last month the NFLPA’s president and executive director went after Trump when he said enough was enough on the anthem kneeling. They showed their cards at the time because it was obvious their anger was more than just spontaneous and that they were part of a radical leftist agenda.

Laws are now in the works to take away the NFL’s special funding and deals with the government. Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz has a harsh warning for the doomed league: we’re going to take away your money.

Gaetz is now the lead sponsor of a bill that gets rid of the NFL’s special tax-exempt deal. As Gaetz said on MSNBC, he has no problem with free speech. But he does believe that if you protest your country you shouldn’t simultaneously get a ton of tax breaks.

“NFL players are certainly able to protest under the First Amendment. I just think they ought to do it on their own time and on their own dime,” Gaetz explained. “Right now, one of the special interest loopholes in our tax code allows the league offices of professional sports leagues to avoid paying taxes. That’s crazy. That’s a special interest giveaway that the small businesses in my district certainly don’t have access to. And so, I have introduced legislation to abolish the special tax exemption that the NFL enjoys and that all other professional sports leagues enjoy. I think that’s fairer for folks on Main Street and folks in the middle class.”

What do you think about this story? Are you going to boycott the NFL?

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