Liberal Teacher Sinks To New Low In Wake Of Vegas Shooting – “Pray Only Trumptards Died”

While America mourns the carnage that has just taken place in Las Vegas, and attempts once again to make sense of the tragedy that took 58-innocent lives, and over 500-wounded, there are those vile individuals like “Ann” who have taken to social media, posting “Lots of white Trump supporters in Las Vegas.” And then continues her sick and twisted wish stating “Pray Only Trumptards Died”

By all outward appearances “Ann” seems like a normal individual, her photo holding a baby and smiling hides her deep and obvious animosity and hatred for those of us who might have a different political point of view, even her tagline following her name “#TheResistance” or her brief bio “Teacher, mother, sister, woman” doesn’t explain why someone would go on social media and actually ask liberals to pray that those innocent lives brutally murdered be “Trump supporters.”

No doubt “Ann” and this brutal, wicked individual in Las Vegas have something in common, “HATE” in that one performed the heinous act of methodically murdering innocent individual at a concert from a high-rise hotel spraying hundreds of rounds from an automatic weapon, a virtual “killing-field”, while the other (a self-proclaimed teacher) prayed that the heinous act hopefully singled out only Trump supporters.

Moreover, since the historic election on November 8th the progressive establishment has become more erratic, more unstable and more unhinged. Beginning with major celebrities like Robert De Niro making a brief video calling the president “a mutt, a dog” and then threatening to do physical harm to our 45th President, then there was over-the-hill pop tart Madonna wearing a pink p***y cap at a woman’s rally publicly wanting to “blow-up the White House. Then perhaps the most egregious and vile visual any celebrity has ever posted regarding any president, the mock decapitated severed and bloody head of President Trump, by an equally repulsive C-list celebrity Kathy Griffin.

And now a self-proclaimed progressive teacher posts on social media that she prays the people murdered and wounded are Trump supporters…perhaps we should be outraged that one human-being can pray for the death of others simply because of politics, and yet all we need to do is witness the last 8-months, to see how Trump Derangement Syndrome, has crippled characters like “Ann.”

Do you believe progressives like “Ann” are becoming more unhinged and perhaps a physical threat to Trump supporters? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think.

Source: 100percentfedup

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