AG Jeff Sessions Announces Largest Welfare Fraud Bust In US History – Do You Support Him?

This will disgust you and underscores everything that is wrong with the corruption of our Healthcare system.

Our healthcare system is completely out of control but thankfully we have, in Trump, a President who will finally stand up to this and put an end to it.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions just announced the breakup of a massive scam by charging more than 400 people with taking part in a huge, unprecedented health care fraud and opioid scam.

Drugs, liberals and money…

The scam totaled $1.3 billion and used a complicated system to falsely bill the government and other health care providers.

Sessions said of action this is the “largest health care fraud takedown operation in American history” and added that it “indicates that some doctors, nurses and pharmacists have chosen to violate their oaths and put greed ahead of their patients.”

Correct the opioid epidemic has deep roots and has been way too profitable for way too long.

According to the Associated Press, six Michigan doctors were among the charged and were accused of a scheme to profit by prescribing unnecessary opiods.

They hook kids and adults on this garbage and then they clean up month after month as the patients have to keep coming back for more.

They are little more than drug pushers – good work AG Sessions!

A Florida rehab facility is also alleged to have, wait for it, recruited addicts with gift cards and visits to strip clubs so they could fraudulently bill the Federal government for treatment and tests which led to the whopping amount of $58 million being stolen.

Officials said more than 120 people were involved in illegally prescribing and distributing the addictive painkillers.

“In some cases, we had addicts packed into standing-room-only waiting rooms waiting for these prescriptions,” acting FBI director Andrew McCabe said. “They are a death sentence, plain and simple.”

Nearly 300 health care providers are being suspended or banned from participating in federal healthcare programs,
Sessions said of the amazing bust, “they seem oblivious to the disastrous consequences of their greed. Their actions not only enrich themselves, often at the expense of taxpayers, but also feed addictions and cause addictions to start.”

The people charged were illegally billing Medicare, Medicaid and the health insurance program that serves members of the armed forces, retired service members and their families, the Justice Department said.

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