Trey Gowdy Delivers Fatal Blow To FBI’s Mueller Trying To Take Down Trump

As breaking.americanewshub informs, with many people talking about Robert Muller’s choice as a leader of the FBI investigation regarding the allegations against certain Republicans of collaboration with Russia for the purpose of fixing the elections in their favor, now we see Trey Gowday, the leader of the House’s top investigative committee elaborating on the matter.

Gowdy first pointed out how leaking out confidential information must not go unnoticed and that the fact the media is talking about legal charges regarding the Russia case proves someone broke the law when revealing this information to the media in the first place.

Video below:

Regarding the nature of the investigation itself, it’s obvious that it poses as a great opportunity for any one contemplating a sabotage on President Trump, unleashing Muller’s team upon the people close to Trump and giving him full freedom to go through all possible documents related to Trump’s campaign.

During a raid by the FBI in July of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s Virginia home, a source close to the investigation told Fox News at the time the scope of the search was “heavy-handed, designed to intimidate.”

Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor criticized Andrew Weissmann, the prosecutor tapped by Mueller to help lead the investigation for displaying “prosecutorial overreach” in past cases and went on to talk about the investigation itself, saying:

“What was supposed to have been a search for Russia’s cyberspace intrusions into our electoral politics has morphed into a malevolent mission targeting friends, family and colleagues of the president,” Powell wrote in The Hill. “The Mueller investigation has become an all-out assault to find crimes to pin on them — and it won’t matter if there are no crimes to be found. This team can make some.”

With this being said, we can only wait to see the outcome of this whole absurd investigation, for the malignant intents behind it are obvious from miles away.

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