After De Niro Publicly Calls`Arrest/Impeach Trump Now, His Dark Secret Gets Exposed

Robert De Niro has made a name for himself after using several public appearances to rant against President Donald Trump, all of which have ended in an unfortunate way for him, ultimately humiliating him thanks to the uncovering of his many dirty secrets.

And his recent appearance was no different, as last Friday, the aging was addressing the Global Citizen Forum in Montenegro, where he went into a full-outrage-mode and started throwing a series of bashing comments against the commander-in-chief.

The interesting was that De Niro started behaving as a crazy person when out of nowhere, he started screaming at the crowd to “arrest Trump now,” acting like he had the power to say that. But not long after, his dirty secret was exposed and he wasn’t as loud as before.

The entire thing started out with De Niro’s speech against Trump, where he started out slowly, before he increased the intensity, saying, “In my country, we have an administration that totally is not being helpful,” adding, “We have a leader who’s not leading, that doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Seemingly forgetting that innocent people don’t get to go in jail, Robert said, “The sooner he can be either impeached or just not, you know—I can’t imagine him going for another three years, but whatever, or maybe he’ll be arrested and put in jail, but whatever.”

But now, his illegal secret has been exposed and this might be the last of his ranting we see anytime soon.

Details reveal that the Hollywood actor owns several restaurants, one of which is known as Tribeca Grill, which has been linked to the Weinstein accusations. De Niro was revealed to have been acting in the role of a pimp, providing Harvey Weinstein with after-hours access to the restaurant, and as the police have put it, the actor’s “alleged” aiding of Weinstein is also considered a criminal.

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