Тrump’ѕ NЕW АIR FОRCЕ ОNЕ Cаmе In, LООK Whаt Еvеryоnе Nоticеd Тhаt’ѕ VЕRY Diffеrеnt

With the expiration of Obama’s presidency, his contract about Air Force One was also up, and while that was solely on timing, President Trump used this chance to step in and not only renegotiate the exorbitant cost of the aircraft, which came in millions higher than necessary, but he also took advantage of the renegotiation to make some much-needed changes to the new design. These changes we are talking about were not revealed to the public until today, and as soon as they were released everyone immediately noticed one thing that caused liberals to lose their minds.

To be the leader of the most powerful nation in the world comes at its own price, some of which falls in the hands of your own citizens. For that reason only, the vehicles which transport our President must be specially equipped to protect against all sorts of angry idiots and imbeciles who will stop at nothing to get “back” at Trump for supposedly winning the election and “putting our nation in grave danger.”

These leftist psychos pose a great threat to all conservatives and that is a fact. This is why our President, while renegotiating the production cost of the new Air Force One, didn’t scrimp on details which will benefit not only himself, but future leaders to come.

One of the perks of being the President with a golden taste and strong negotiation skills to support the luxurious accommodations on a “dime” is that you get an Air Force One that resembles that of the Trump Tower in Manhattan. Even if Trump is not re-elected in 2020, his successor will ultimately enjoy this new ride in the sky no matter how much he might hate Trump.

Shortly put, the new Air Force One looks more like a five-star hotel than it does on a flying beast. Down below are a few pictures on the inside of the air-beast:

According to reports from FreedomDaily the accommodations are basically fit for a king or queen, and President Trump sure knows how to negotiate it in a way that costs far less but results in far more in interior design. And we could not be more proud that he is the one sitting in that majestic plane, because he is for sure someone that America has needed for a long time now – accomplish more using less. The Obama-era of throwing away the tax dollars of the citizens for mindless luxuries has come to an end.

If you ask us, it is absolutely gorgeous and worth every penny.

But of course, we expect the liberals to start complaining soon about how Trump is using too much of America’s funds for his protection, but if they stop creating chaos and violence all across America, he wouldn’t have to waste so much money on that wouldn’t he?