Judge Jeanine: “Washington Is A SWAMP!” – Republicans Are Cheering! (Video)

On Monday night, Judge Jeanine aired on Fox News “Opening Statement” where she demolished the swamp in one bombarding statement.

Just listen to what she says, she is just laying the truth which liberals are so afraid of.

She said:
“You know, Washington is a swamp! The predators aren’t just political, they are sleazy, sexual perverts who claimed the moral high ground based not on truth and justice, but on politics. And the craziest part is whenever there is a finding of these sexual perverts, you (we) pay the damages. And this must end.

I have a few solutions. Number one, if an employee of the Congres and the Senate makes a sexual claim and wins, which requires you the taxpayers to pay the settlement. We must get the money back. Since when did sex perverts became responsible for these sexual pervertion of people we send to Congress to represent us.

So how do we get the money back?

We take it out of they pay. We sue them or we take it out of their pension. No hard-working taxpaying American should ever have to pay for the sexual immorality of these deviants.”

Later on she ripped the liberals for keeping too many cases strictly confidential. Confidentiality should be erased forever as we should allow them to cover their wrongdoings no more.

“Why is this stuff confidential?” – Judge Jeanine asked America.

“Why don’t we know who these findings are against?” – she added.

After that, she shared her views on the women in Congress who didn’t do anything besides knowing of the monstrous deeds of their sexual pervert, fellow colleagues.

“And SHAME! Shame on the women in Congress who sat quietly for the last twenty years knowing that there was a fond used to cover up these sexual perversions which make the next federal female employee vulnerable.”

You can watch the full video on this [LINK]

This is 100% TRUE! Judge Jeanine just laid the truth about this whole scandalous organization, in other words, the SWAMP!