Grеg Gutfеld Јuѕt Тurnеd Тo Тhе Саmеrа & Сonfirmеd Тhе Мediа’s Wоrѕt Nightmаrе Аbоut Тrumр’s 1st Yеаr

It took less that 2 minutes for Greg Gutfeld to confirm what the mainstream media has been fearing since that fateful day last November when the American people elected President Donald Trump to office- He’s not failing!

That’s right, the world didn’t come to an explosive nuclear end, the economy didn’t implode, and the moon didn’t turn red and devour the Earth in a burst of politically angry righteousness.

In fact, the stock market has been at an all-time high, the nation’s jobless rate is consistently falling, ISIS has taken a hit, and China is finally willing to put North Korea in its place. What did happen? The left decided to throw a collective tantrum.

Yes, you read that right. They even planned a special day to “scream helplessly at the sky” as an act of protest against their perceived political oppression. Gutfeld describes it perfectly when he asks:

“Is this an adult response? No. Can you think of a time when you marked a loss with a tantrum after age 4? I can remember elections where my guy lost, but I got on with my life. Why can’t these folks do that?”

The mainstream media paints a grim picture of President Trump’s America, and they want the American people to buy into their skewed version of reality. Fortunately, numbers don’t lie. Looking at the collective progress made across the country proves one thing: President Trump is working to do exactly what he said he would one year ago.

Watch the entire clip to hear Greg Gutfeld describe the truth about President Trump’s first year in office!

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