The Feast Has Begun! Another Top Democrat Just Spilled The Beans On Hillary!

Earlier this Thursday, the former interim chief of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, broke her silence about what actually took place during the 2016 presidential election, and dropped a bombshell when she revealed that she possessed “proof” that Hillary Clinton stole her party’s nomination from Bernie Sanders, and the chief is not alone, as Elizabeth Warren herself has supported the notion.

Brazile went straight for the shot, using her opportunity to blast the twice failed presidential candidate by explaining, for the first time, how the Clintons secretly took over the DNC months before the nomination process was done, and they did so using the help of her campaign’s finances, all with the goal of establishing full control over her party.

And while at first, the leftist supporters of Hillary brushed the claims off, the seriousness of those claims have once again skyrocketed, after Senator Elizabeth Warren went on CNN to agree that the 2016 democratic nomination was rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

When faced with the question whether she thought that the Democratic nomination process was rigged, Warren didn’t held back at all, and immediately fired a simple “Yes,” at the interviewer, with a facial expression which hinted as if she wanted to say it was obvious.

Now, corrupt games and rigging nominations and elections is nothing new when it comes to Hillary Clinton and her team, but unfortunately for her, not a single one of her dirty tricks worked against Trump, and now she is pushing a fake Russia scandal story with the goal of getting her revenge, but too bad that won’t see any success either.

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