FBI Deputy Director Caught Red Handed Using Bureau to Shill for Dems — Resign NOW!

The impartiality of the FBI has been corrupted for a long time and perhaps even from its inception. It is impossible for any entity within the confines of Washington, D.C. to escape the politicization of a hegemonic two-party system.

The level of partisanship has never been so outrageous as it was during Obama administration. It was as if the liberal elites believed they would never be held accountable for their corruption.

One such hack is Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe. He is another in an endless line of pencil-necked liberal dweebs caught abusing power and he surely won’t be the last.

According to Judicial Watch, Jill McCabe announced her candidacy for the Virginia Senate on March 7, 2015 after Virginia Governor Terry MacAuliffe met with Jill and her husband, the FBI Deputy Director.

Mrs. McCabe’s announcement came five days after it was announced that Hillary Clinton was being investigated by the FBI for improper use of a private email server.

The appearance of a Clinton ally, MacAuliffe, funding 40 percent of Jill McCabe’s campaign while she was married to someone supposedly investigating Hillary was enough to get Senator Chuck Grassley, the Senate Judiciary Committee and a U.S. Special Counsel to open an “investigations into whether McCabe violated the Hatch Act and failed to properly disclose payments to his wife’s campaign on his ethics report.”

Judicial Watch also reports that the Justice Department’s Inspector General currently looking into why McCabe for failed to recuse himself from the Clinton investigation until a week before the election.

A Wall Street Journal article published on October 23, 2016 about the corruption was revealed in FOIA documents Judicial Watch received, as causing panic concern in the FBI.

Deputy Director McCabe emailed the Bureau’s General Counsel about the allegations saying, “Sucks pretty much. Buckle in. It’s going to get rough.”

The unidentified General Counsel official responds, “I know. It’s awful. I shouldn’t be shocked by now, but I really am appalled.”

Judicial Watch notes that McCabe forwarded a copy of the article to then-Director James Comey who only responded with, “Copy.”

Tom Fitton, head of Judicial Watch commented on the November 21 email release by stating, “These new documents show that the FBI leadership was politicized and compromised in its handling of the Clinton email investigation. It well past time for a do-over on the Clinton emails that requires a new, honest criminal investigation of her misconduct.”