Rex Tillerson Fires Shot Heard Loud And Clear By Every Corrupt U.N. Bureaucrat

Rex Tillerson and his aides have opened up to US diplomats. They have said that the US will have a “toe-print, not a footprint” at next month’s UN General Assembly. The shrinking of the delegation is a smart move as Trump combats the globalists in the UN who are trying their best to take over America. Trump isn’t taking any chances.

The decision to cut back the U.S. diplomatic presence appears driven largely by Tillerson’s desire to reduce his department’s budget. But it also sends a signal that the new Republican administration is serious about scaling back and refocusing America’s global commitments.

Exact figures are not known yet, but Rex Tillerson said that the US delegation will evaporate by many hundred compared to those during Obama’s reign. The US government typically sends more than 1,000 individuals to the meeting. This includes the President’s security officials. The jobs can range from nuclear negotiators to legal experts.

President Trump wants to be sovereign and also cut expenses. There is no reason to send 1,000 to meet with a hostile force that is trying to take over the US by eliminating the Second Amendment and opening the borders.

Trump, meanwhile, is expected to spend at least three days at what will be his first U.N. General Assembly as America’s head of state. This is longer than most presidents, but it must be longer because of the smaller contingent.

Tillerson’s top officials have told the State Department that if there is anyone who wants to attend the assembly or the side events associated with the assembly must get approval. They also said that approvals would be few and far between. In the past, multiple deputy assistant secretaries in the State Department have attended; this year it looks like only one will be there.

The plans to cut back the U.S. presence, first reported by Foreign Policy, have added to the gloom of U.S. diplomats already feeling marginalized by the Trump administration. The president has proposed slashing State’s budget by a third and most of the top positions at the department have yet to be filled, with many bureaus relying on interim leaders.

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