Nikki Haley Sets Internet On Fire, Reveals Cruel Thing Obama Did That Will Put Him To Shame Him Forever

America suffered the most under former president Barack Obama, and Americans are more than happy to see him out of the White House now. Obama doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson, and Nikki Haley decided to say a few words about that. In fact, she embarrassed him in the worst way ever.

Hillary Clinton and Democrats had a tight situation with the Cuban population in South Florida, and they thought that they’ve been doing the right thing this whole time. But, their ideas backfired a big deal, and Americans aren’t disappointed. Wonder why? We’re used to see Democrats fail in every way possible.

Nikki Halley made a bold movement, and apologized to the nation for Obama’s shady activities and unfair treatment. She spoke about the cowardly abstention on the critical UN vote that could’ve be of great help for Cubans.

“When the United States abstained on this resolution last year, its decision was explained by saying, ‘We recognize that the future of the island lies in the hands of the Cuban people. There is a casual cruelty to that remark for which I am profoundly sorry. Regrettably, as of today, the future of Cuba is not in your hands. It remains in the hands of your dictators,” Haley said. Well, she is right about all the remarks she made. Will Democrats understand this? Of course not?

This is nothing but another missed shot for Barack Obama and his administration. This will leave serious consequences behind, and innocent people will suffer.

Marco Rubio made a few comments after Haley’s remarks. “Despite the Obama administration’s unilateral concessions to the Castro regime, I remain hopeful that the Trump administration’s new policy toward Cuba will empower the Cuban people, and bring them closer to freedom and democracy. Ambassador Haley’s vote today is one more step in that direction,” he explained.

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