POLL: Thousand Of Muslims Leaving U.S Because Of Sharia Law Banned. Do You Support This ?

Even if you aren’t religious, it is impossible to deny America is culturally a Christian nation. Much of our legal system and system of government is founded on Christian principles.

And children have always been celebrating Christmas in public schools, as a tradition.But local Muslim families in Montgomery County, Maryland weren’t happy with that. They wanted the end of Ramadan (the Eid) added to the list of religious holidays, just like Christmas or Rosh Hashanah. But instead of adjusting the calendar, the school board caved to pressure and made their holiday schedule “religion neutral.”

 Christmas is now “Winter Break” and there is no such thing as “Easter Break.”
Thanks to these hyper-sensitive Muslims – many of whom come from intolerant countries which execute Christians in the streets – have taken advantage of political correctness to stomp out what was left of any religion in the Montgomery County schools.

 This is the war on Christmas, and it’s anti-American.