ЈUЅТ IN: Тhе Тrumрѕ Ѕеnt А Мeѕsаgе Тo Оbаmа With Сhristiаn Сhriѕtmаs Diѕрlаy

While the Obama administration was still in charge, they ignored Christmas as much as possible and still claimed to be a Christian family. However, now that Donald Trump is in office, Christmas is about to be brought back in a huge way.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Melania Trump just released a video of the White House Christmas decorations and everyone noticed that she made sure to include a Nativity scene.

It is a big deal, since the Obamas infamously did not include such thing while they were at the White House until their final Christmas there last year.

The Trumps removed the Mao Tse-Tung ornaments as well, the ones that Obamas put up. Mao was a mass murderer and the Communist dictator of China. It is so offensive that Obama would pay tribute to him in the White House.

“We’re so close to the wonderful Christmas season that almost no one talks about anymore. They don’t even use the word Christmas because they find it politically incorrect,” said the president during a last month’s speech.

“When you go to department stores, you’ll hear ‘Happy New Year,’ or some ther things and it’ll be red. They’ll have it painted. But we are saying Merry Christmas again.”

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