Schumer IRATE After President Trump Officially Announces Termination – You Will LOVE This!

On Tuesday, New York City experienced a horrific attack which stole the lives of several Americans, while injuring a dozen more. This terrorist attack was without a doubt a huge reality slap and a harsh wake up call to both Republicans, Democrats as well as the American people in general. As President Trump has been saying, it is time to take a stand against these incidents, starting with the Diversity Lottery Program.

One day after the terrible incident and after it was found out that the 29-year-old Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov had conducted the incident “in the name of ISIS,” – President Trump and his administration instantly took action and the commander-in-chief made an incredible announcement this morning that everyone has been asking for.


In the video above, President Trump explains the entire situation that took place yesterday and took a moment to consider how the entire nation is praying for the victims and their families which are going through perhaps the hardest time of their lives.

The Trump Administration is investigating the background of the man who committed the crime. The president revealed that starting today, he will begin with the process of terminating the Diversity Lottery Program, by asking Congress to immediately initiate work to get rid of the program.

Instead of people coming in the U.S. by being randomly chosen in a lottery, President Donald Trump explained how he and his administration prefer people of ‘merit’ to come into the nation and they are going to make sure that happens in the future.

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